Activating your Code Club will give you access to all the amazing free resources which we create to help with running the sessions, including certificates, posters, member badges, and more. Doing so will also mean you will receive exclusive updates from the team and giveaways for your club.

When a new club is first added to our website, it is considered pending until a volunteer has been found and their profile is added to the club on our site.

If you haven’t already, register as a club host. You will be asked to add the details of your venue, but you can also add a new club on this page.

This is how you activate a pending club:

  • Sign in to your profile to be directed to the Club Hub page, where your pending club will appear in the ‘Hosting’ section

If you haven’t found a volunteer yet, you can search our database of registered volunteers by clicking the ‘Find a volunteer’ button. Further instructions about how to find a volunteer for your club can be found here.

  • Click the ‘Add a volunteer’ button, then enter the volunteer’s registered email address on the following page

  • Click ‘Add volunteer’, and you will be redirected to the Club Hub where your club will now appear as active and the volunteer will be listed in the ‘Active volunteers’ section

Now your Code Club has been successfully activated and you can access all of the resources.

Please get in touch if you run into any difficulties.