Registration & Activation

Everything you need to know about registering as a volunteer and activating a Code Club.

How do I activate my club?
A Code Club becomes active once the club host has successfully added a volunteer to it on their Club Hub. To do this, follow these steps: The club host and volunteer both need to register and create profiles on our site. The host needs to meet the volunteer and verify their background check. Then both need...
Can I find a club to volunteer at on your website?
You can use our website. As part of the volunteer registration process, you will be able to see any venues in your area which are currently looking for a volunteer.
Why doesn't the Code Club that I would like to volunteer at appear in the search results?
Club hosts have the ability to hide their club from our search results when the club has started and they are no longer looking for a volunteer.
Can I volunteer at more than one club?
Yes! In the volunteer registration process, you will be able to see any venues in your area which are currently looking for a volunteer. Feel free to volunteer at as many as you want.
What do I do if my club is no longer running?
If your club is no longer running (excluding breaks for school holidays), please fill in your details in this form to have the club profile removed from our database.
What do I do if I can no longer volunteer?
If you are no longer able to volunteer at a club, click the "Leave this club" button on the Club Hub page. If you would like to have your volunteer profile removed from our database, please also fill in your details in this form.
I've already got a volunteer, do they need to register?
If you’ve already found a volunteer for your club, that’s great! Please ask them to register on our site. Then you can go to your Club Hub and enter their registered email address after clicking the “Add a volunteer” button. If you do not add them on your Club Hub, your club may not become active, in which case yo...
Do you screen volunteers?
When registering a club, we ask that all volunteers obtain a background check. However, we don’t interview or screen volunteers ourselves. It’s your responsibility as a host to arrange a meeting with your volunteer to plan the club and check the certificate of their DBS or other background check. Meeting face to ...
What do I do if my volunteer is leaving?
First of all, head to your Club Hub and update your club settings to indicate that you are looking for a volunteer, so that other volunteers in your area can get in touch. You should also click the "Remove" button beside your volunteer's name to remove them from your club’s account. If you need ...
Can I add more than one volunteer to my club?
Yes, you can. Log into the Club Hub, and you will be able to add another volunteer by clicking the "Add a volunteer" button, then entering the volunteer's registered email address.